Everything To Know About Bootleg

About this video

To begin with a certain word. “Bootleg” is a making, distribution, and selling of an imitation of something authentic. Animations that are dearly beloved by many that few can claim to harness its gravitational pull. With every big fish there’s a leech on the belly. Now this aren’t animations that you could find in stores they’re animations that made their way in a circulation one way or another. None of them are licensed or acknowledged by many and they are pretty hard to find. Companies that are well known to be very protective of its brands wasn’t exempt from the animation bootlegging phenomenon much to their dismay.

These animations as usual take all forms and are generally cobbled together producing hilarious results much at the time. Bootleg Animation is about creating the original a new story line for it to make its own name. To start something that isn’t canon to begin with and creates a plot that is confusing and sometimes not very related to the story itself. Bootlegs are not successful works but entertains some people to it.